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Notes from the Vineyard




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John Jackson
July 18, 2023 | John Jackson

News from the Vineyard: July 2023

News from the Vineyard 

The Vineyard is where all wine begins. Our vineyards well-being is of the utmost importance. So far, 2023 looks promising! Now let’s mention a few notes and a few jobs completed over the past year in the vineyard… 

Last year’s planting of Chardonnay was very successful, and again Thank You to all the volunteers and friends who helped plant. Our crew interplanted vines in the original 1982 Chardonnay rows, and planted five new rows on the adjacent sunny knoll. Almost all are now beautifully healthy plants up to the third wire. 

The Cabernet Franc received extensions on their posts in order to lengthen the canopy for additional ripening. This is the block by our parking lot…take a look next time you visit. 

Our Austrian varietals are doing well. The temperamental Zweigelt – our medal winner in Vienna, Austria - has resisted mildew so far this season (its thin skins make it susceptible to mildew…both powdery mildew and downy mildew the two primary culprits). Our Grüner Veltliner is abundant and vibrant as it always is. It is not nearly as temperamental as our Zweigelt. Our Riesling – now almost 20 years old, lost several plants this past winter but is healthy. 

The vineyard manager is on constant look-out for the spotted lantern fly. So far our sustainable spray program seems to be successful. 

The Sonnenberg Cabernet Sauvignon will receive fencing this year, last season the deer had an absolute field day and did not leave us any to harvest. They were very tasty grapes indeed.

News from the Cellar

Several beautiful and shiny new tanks and a must pump have been added to the cellar. The winemaker was very pleased. 

News from the Tasting Room 

Welcome Summer! The decks and grounds are delightful! Enjoy! 

Our Tasting Room has received a fresh new look for tastings. Attractive display towers hold glasses for customers to choose a flight of 5 wines. 

Customers can also choose to do a counter/guided tasting of our wines when we are not very busy, large groups please call for reservation - $ 20 per person.. And of course wine by the glass and by the bottle. 

After a hearty greeting, our ladies at the Tasting Counter – Meredith and Julie - are always ready to discuss and pour all of our wines with a smile. And offer some food suggestions! 

The famous North Mountain Cheese Platter with a freshly baked baguette is available again, as well as our signature Baked Brie with Baguette. 

Check out our Salsa Station: North Mountain’s Montmorrency Tart Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce 

West Oaks F.R.O.G. Jam and Peach Mango Salsa – great compliment to summer foods. 

Exclusive to North Mountain is the Laconiko Olive Oil imported from Sparta, Greece, available in Regular, Rosemary, Greek Seasoning, and Garlic. 

Fabulous Balsamic Vinegars to flavor your salads and food. 

Food and Wine Pairing events held on select Saturdays for $27 per person. 

Now that summer is here, our fabulous deck under the leaves of our trees offers an incredible repose from the average day to enjoy a fine glass of wine. The beautiful lawns, meticulous and colorful flower beds, and the views of the mountains will add to everyone’s special vineyard experience. 

Sonnenberg Wein Club July 2023 Release Party 

Saturday, July 22, 2023 3 – 5 pm 

Live Music by Bill Foster & Don Crigler 

A light snack buffet and a glass of wine welcomes our guests! 

Welcome new Members: 

Jon Alley, Bill Battaille & Janice Palleria, Beata Blaszcyk, Brandon Bischoff, Elizabeth Castro, Wendy Childress, Dana Christy-Shideler, Kim Emswiller, Margie Gilbert, Tammi Hopkins, Robert Isacson, Donald Lees, Linda Lindenburg, Marcos Gámez, Vernon Poff, Elizabeth Pullen, Katherine Regeimbal, Megan Strause, John Strider, Mindy & Jamie Symons, and Amanda Tangren. 

Additional News from the Vineyard Manager: 

The propagation project of new Vidal Blanc vines has been a success with nearly 90% of the cuttings surviving! They will be planted in the vineyard next spring. 

We welcome our wine club members to tour the new plants located behind the winery near our pole barn. 

4 pm: Gather in the Tasting Room and a tour guide will lead you through the cellar to the experiment vineyard. 

The winemaker/vineyard manager or assistant winemaker will explain how the test plot was prepared, maintained and what we hope to glean from it. 

They will sing the praises of the Vidal Blanc grape and the fine wine it produces. 

Brad’s favorite! Brad was our first Vineyard Manager and he would be very proud of this project. Enjoy a glass with your snacks when you get back upstairs! 

Looking forward to seeing you! 

The crew at North Mountain & Sonnenberg Wein Club!

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